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Fullscript Dispensary

Fullscript Dispensary is my healthy dispensary online store! Where you can purchase the safest and most convenient professional-grade products.


Doctors Supplement Store

Quality Matters! Pharmaceutical-grade nutraceuticals excel in potency, purity and absorption, while eliminating artificial ingredients, allergens and toxins.

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Designs For Health Store

eHealth Pro is my online store! Where you can purchase various health supplements that support your immune system, Gut health Cardio Health, neuronal health, and more.


Pique Tea

Pique Tea - Plants for Radiant Health. The world's most powerful superfoods extracted via cutting-edge science.

Kate Farms 

Kate Farms Transformative Nutrition to help you thrive.


Professional Strength Digestive & Immune Health. GastroDefense is the leader in the advancement of bovine colostrum for remediating leaky gut and for general immune health. GastroDefense® has helped millions of patients reclaim their good gut health for more than two decades.

The Girlfriend Doctor Dr. Anna Cabeca

The Girlfriend Doctor Dr. Anna Cabeca menopausal products and resources. A simple solution for women, before, during and after menopause.


With Julva, You are not alone! Dr. Anna gives you relief!

Are you a post-menopausal woman living in dryness & painful intercourse.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Products

Lazarus Naturals CBD Products is dedicated to making effective, high quality CBD that is affordable. Lazarus Naturals was founded on the belief that CBD has a positive impact on our quality of life, and should be available to everyone regardless of their circumstances.

Vibrant Blue Oils

Vibrant Blue Oils are a formulated proprietary blend of organic or wild-crafted essential oils that help balance organ systems and regions of the brain, including balancing emotions and supporting symptoms, so the body can function optimally and heal.

Homebiotic Cleaning products

Homebiotic Cleaning products help keep your home cleaner and fresher at a microscopic level… naturally!

My Therasage Store

THERA360 PLUS Personal Infrared Sauna Designed To Help You Detox Your Way To A Healthier, Happier, Longer Life.

Higher Dose

Get addicted to your own alchemy. Our Infrared Sauna Blanket detoxifies the body, relaxes the mind, boosts your mood, promotes glowing skin, and stokes a healthy DOSE of your brain’s feel-good chemicals (a rejuvenating, euphoric experience that we call ‘getting high, naturally’).

HigherDOSE’s Sauna Blanket is the original at-home infrared device, beloved by celebrities and health experts around the world. We’ve spent years perfecting the technology, so that you don’t have to visit a wellness spa to soak up the benefits of infrared. This portable device is perfect for living room sweat sessions or on-the-go wellness. Stay high, on your own time.

Elina Organics Holistic Clinical Skin Care

Organic Hand-made, Fresh, & Transdermal Holistic Skin Care and Makeup Formulations. Elina Organics Holistic Clinical Skincare is a fresh meal for your skin.

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Immunolytics  Mold Check-up

Immunolytics  Mold Check-up is The DIY Mold Test with Support from Environmental Experts.

Defender Shield

DefenderShield, is the worldwide leader in EMF radiation protection, after falling in love with their top-rated EMF Protection products! Their EMF-shielding phone, laptop, and mobile device cases & accessories are the best I've seen, and I am so happy to be able to share them with you.