Nutrition Assessments

Non-invasive nutrition assessments to determine nutritional status and health risks

Find and correct nutritional deficiencies affecting your wellbeing.

Check cardiovascular and immune system risks;

Identify and eliminate disease-fostering toxin exposures;

Understand how histamine overreaction harms your body.

So, what is Nutritional Balance?

Simply said, nutritional balance (sometimes called nutritional homeostasis or nutritional harmony) is a balance of the essential and non-essential nutrients in the human body that allows it to function in the optimum way.

Humanity is dying from malnutrition. Not only because there is a shortage of food on most parts of the planet, but also because the nutritional content of our food is quite abominable. Western diet is abundant, but void of nutrients and rich in environmental toxins. As a result, the Western world suffers from a great many diseases, that are either preventable or well manageable by nutrition. Examples are fertility issues, epidemics of auto-immune diseases, and proliferating stress effects.

Now let's imagine we disrupt this balance, with toxins, stress, or poor diet. What will happen? The body will not be able to function properly in an optimum way, will give some signals (symptoms) for a while, and eventually the problems snowball to a disease.

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